The Installations sensor logs devices’ application installations, removal and updates. It can be leveraged to activate/deactivate sensors that depend on the presence of specific applications on the device.


  • Aware_Preferences.STATUS_INSTALLATIONS: true or false to activate or deactivate sensor.


  • Installations.ACTION_AWARE_APPLICATION_ADDED: broadcasted when new application was installed.
    • Installations.EXTRA_PACKAGE_NAME: the application’s package name.
    • Installations.EXTRA_APPLICATION_NAME: the device’s localised application name.
  • Installations.ACTION_AWARE_APPLICATION_REMOVED: broadcasted when an application is removed.
  • Installations.ACTION_AWARE_APPLICATION_UPDATED: broadcasted when an application is updated.


Installations Data

Contains the logged application installations in the mobile device.


Table field Field type Description
_id INTEGER primary key, auto incremented
timestamp REAL unixtime milliseconds since 1970
device_id TEXT AWARE device UUID
package_name TEXT the application’s package name
application_name TEXT the device’s localised application name
installation_status INTEGER 0-removed, 1-added, 2-updated
version_name TEXT package version name
version_code INTEGER package version number