This document introduces how to activate HealthKit plugin on AWARE client iOS v2 from AWARE dashboard. HealthKit is an official iOS library for managing health-related data such as sleep, steps, and exercise information. We provide a wrapper for AWARE, HealthKit Plugin.

Create HealthKit plugin into the dashboard

Please make a plugin with following elements into your dashboard. You can access the page from DEVELOPER tab.

  • status_health_kit : boolean (default value is “false”)
  • frequency_health_kit : int (default value is “1800” second)
  • preperiod_days_health_kit: int (default value is “0” second)

Add and activate HealthKit plugin in your study

Please assign the created plugin to your study. (You can execute the operation from the plugin edit page on DEVELOPER tab.) Then, please move to your study page and activate the plugin, and save the new configuration.

Activating HealthKit Plugin on AWARE-iOS